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Hello there. The name's Jeromia. I play and record live music and put it up on Newgrounds. That's about it really. Oh yeah, I sometimes review movies/games too >:3 ~~~~~\o/~~~~~~ (but that's just my excuse for procrastinating XD)

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Hey there everyone.

I've being revisiting Newgrounds a fair bit lately, and I realized (in an incredibly surprised manner) that my stuff, bit by bit, is getting more noticed (somewhat anyways :| ). So I thought to put in a post to make sure people know I ain't dead yet, but rather I've being in hibernation, sleeping and waiting for the long winter of "writer's block" to subside D:<

I have being, for the past year working hard to getting my skills up, and am currently aiming for a Grade 7 AMEB rating (the test will be on the 31st of August :| ). But I still can't make stuff like I did last year, as my creative processes have being hindered by the work I need to put into my last year of high school... which is quite stressful at the moment.

Once I get through this term though, I'll start composing stuff and get some more pieces out there! (This takes longer then I made it sound :P) But for now, I just wanted to say that I'm doing fine and well :)

But stressing like mad over school D:<


P.S: Also, I got a great new keyboard a few months ago, which actually has a 'record' function on it. This was opposed to me having to rig a recording device onto my keyboard, which would always have electronic interference no matter what I did. Long story short, this new keyboard essentially means that I can now make stuff of decent quality! :D hooray!

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