Gotz me a Piano Teacher XD

2012-10-14 08:45:17 by Jeromia

So all I'm saying is my "experienced gained stat" is going to be increased a little more... so I might be able to be much better next year then I ordinarily would be XD

Anyways on the Halloween song I got coming up... it's not going to be as good as I thought sadly... but I'm crossing my fingers that I might get 3rd place (anything that isn't last place!) and the reason I'm saying it's "not as good as I thought" is simply because I only have one instrument in it and have no clue on what else could go well with it -.-

EDIT: [Plus I have being listening to it for a VERY VERY long time through noteflight... so it doesn't sound good to my ears >_>]

Well, until my submission, Happy October I guess XD

Gotz me a Piano Teacher XD


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