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That awesome "you just got lawyered" song at the end should be on the audio portal >:3

Awesome work dude (as always), and five stars for allz xD

I learnt something... and for the first time ever it was food related :x

Put a smile to my face, even though it was quite basic.

Gave it a 4 in voting because it kinda deserves a 3.85... Technically -.-

Pyrowman responds:

That's oddly specific, ha ha! Thanks!

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It was a decent Shooting experience. And it surprised me that you managed to pull of a 3-D shooter with only using Flash! In any case, the only problem your game lacked was immersion. For one, the player's enemies didn't respond to you shooting them well, i.e. they simply stood still as you kept shooting them unless you are in their point of view.

The fact that you didn't give the players more "lives" so to speak shows that you decided to use a traditional arcade platform, which is a game that is incredibly hard to beat. This was used back in the days to make people pay more money if they want to beat the game. However, keep in mind of your target audience, i.e. Newgrounders, a group of people whom are bored and want to look for some fun games/movies to pass the time.

Finally, the controls where kinda boggy as it wasn't sensitive enough for my tastes. If you want to release another first-person shooter, I'd recommend looking into adding an option menu with the ability to change the sensitivity.

However, all that said, you've done a decent job. The textures of the backgrounds and characters are decent (considering that it's flash) and the sounds are alright.

I'd give it a 3/5...
Decent effort

:O I can't believe one of my song was used in a game :D I'm quite ecstatic about it and it raised my spirits a little bit so thanks guys :D

Now on the subject of the game, I honestly liked the idea, and had fun playing the game. It was quite enjoyable. The only thing I would have liked to see is an option to rotate the blocks around... but then again that would made it a fair bit too easy wouldn't it? -.-"

josh-tamugaia responds:

u r welcome!

I... I shot the king in the crotch...

I feel kinda odd about it xD

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Indeed, it is chill. So chill in fact, it's freezing xD

On a more practical note, I can just see this being used in an 8bit style RPG game :3
E.g. if the game Seedling had a town... (and was less Zelda-like), you could use songs like this one for when the character is just roaming around the town, buying stuff (and wasting monies).

So yeah, overall a fairly awesome song >:|

SuperDragonMasters responds:

Thanks for the comment.

Ah yes... the good old days playing Pokemon. Lavender Town never got to me though, so I never got why other people were so traumatized by that town (wooses *cough cough*)

It is well done and it's a more fuller version of the original (well... that's easy to do because the original is an 8-bit song :P). Although the effect is done well and it feels rather spooky, as it should, I think it still missing something melody-wise. (?)

If I could, I would have given it a 3.85 stars... but what can you do? >.<

After randomly searching through the audio portal, I found this song >:3
I love it as it's great for listening to something in the background whilst doing something silently for a while (homework, projects, reading webcomics... etc etc :3)

I liked the fusion of electrical melody with the piano arpeggios in the background... it gives the song a soft (via piano) and a bright (via electrical sounds) feel to it.

I gave it a 5 for vote
and the review is fairly obvious >-<

Magnamus0 responds:

Thanks a ton for the rating and even moreso for the review! feedback is one of my favourite parts of posting my music for strangers (because i know they're not lying to be nice) ;3
And i know what you mean, I accidentally listened to it on repeat for an hour or so while doing one of my projects (little vein of me to say...)
If you like this you should check out my other songs! :D you might find something you like even more!
AGAIN! thank you a whole buttload!

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That is both poetic and beautfiul XD

And soooo many allegories (about 2 so far >:P) that I just feel a headache coming up just thinking about all the possible perspective readings of this comic :3

(Sorry peoples... I just came back from an English essay.. I get extra English-y afterward those kinds of things D: )

Good News: That's the best revenge concept ever!
Bad News: There is no chance of it ever firing back...

*snicker snicker*

ToonHole responds:

When you're trapped in a cel, it's kinda easy to guess who dun it.

Wow! That looks fantastic and professional :D

Hello there. The name's Jeromia. I play and record live music and put it up on Newgrounds. That's about it really. Oh yeah, I sometimes review movies/games too >:3 ~~~~~\o/~~~~~~ (but that's just my excuse for procrastinating XD)

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