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Hello there. The name's Jeromia. I play and record live music and put it up on Newgrounds. That's about it really. Oh yeah, I sometimes review movies/games too >:3 ~~~~~\o/~~~~~~ (but that's just my excuse for procrastinating XD)

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Jeromia's News

Posted by Jeromia - August 2nd, 2013

Hey there everyone.

I've being revisiting Newgrounds a fair bit lately, and I realized (in an incredibly surprised manner) that my stuff, bit by bit, is getting more noticed (somewhat anyways :| ). So I thought to put in a post to make sure people know I ain't dead yet, but rather I've being in hibernation, sleeping and waiting for the long winter of "writer's block" to subside D:<

I have being, for the past year working hard to getting my skills up, and am currently aiming for a Grade 7 AMEB rating (the test will be on the 31st of August :| ). But I still can't make stuff like I did last year, as my creative processes have being hindered by the work I need to put into my last year of high school... which is quite stressful at the moment.

Once I get through this term though, I'll start composing stuff and get some more pieces out there! (This takes longer then I made it sound :P) But for now, I just wanted to say that I'm doing fine and well :)

But stressing like mad over school D:<


P.S: Also, I got a great new keyboard a few months ago, which actually has a 'record' function on it. This was opposed to me having to rig a recording device onto my keyboard, which would always have electronic interference no matter what I did. Long story short, this new keyboard essentially means that I can now make stuff of decent quality! :D hooray!

Posted by Jeromia - November 11th, 2012

Are you bored as well?

*Guitar solo intro*
Being lazy in general!
Rhyming is so hard!!!
BACON!!!!!!! WAHHH!!!!!!!
*Guitar solo*


Now that I am done with my AC/DC impression (what? you didn't know that was AC/DC?) Here's the update on my activites:
~ Nothing
~ Increase my piano skillz (as always)
~ Making some stuff to be written down and stuff

Otherwise nothing else is going on, and I will not be posting for a long time :D

Now do something else! (because this is Newgrounds... there's tons of stuff to do :P)

Bored >_>

Posted by Jeromia - October 29th, 2012

It ain't going to happen. I'm too damn self-conscious about it and to top it off I'm in a really stressed out and fucked up mood (thanks to the crappiness of my life). So oh well.

Now, thankfully there's some good news in this time of crappiness. I am now working on grade 5 pieces, which basically means that I've literally leveled up my playing skills again (yey). I'm getting better and better, so that's good at the least.

Also, since I doubt I'll ever have a real chance to ever record on an actual piano so I'm going to put up some covers of the grade 4 pieces I've being practicing via my keyboard. That's the plan anyways :\

On the other upside, I'm also getting better at playing trombone and trumpet (yey?)

And with that, I'll leave you the reason why my transition from kitty face ( :3 ) to crappy face occurred through an entertaining picture that I quickly googled up! >:D

Remeber that stuff for Halloween that I promised?

Posted by Jeromia - October 14th, 2012

So all I'm saying is my "experienced gained stat" is going to be increased a little more... so I might be able to be much better next year then I ordinarily would be XD

Anyways on the Halloween song I got coming up... it's not going to be as good as I thought sadly... but I'm crossing my fingers that I might get 3rd place (anything that isn't last place!) and the reason I'm saying it's "not as good as I thought" is simply because I only have one instrument in it and have no clue on what else could go well with it -.-

EDIT: [Plus I have being listening to it for a VERY VERY long time through noteflight... so it doesn't sound good to my ears >_>]

Well, until my submission, Happy October I guess XD

Gotz me a Piano Teacher XD

Posted by Jeromia - September 29th, 2012

*sigh* where do I began? (Well, I could start by being annoyed)

I have no clue whether I'll be able to do everything/anything I want to do in October, as I have some stuff to deal with on my end. So I am not making any promises... However, I have some classical stuff and an original piece planed. The problem with the classical stuff has to do with having a piano, but also with me sitting down and figuring out some technical stuff... Hopefully it would be easy but who knows?

The original piece I have in mind needs a lot of creative thinking, so that's what is bothering me... but I shall see what I can do with it.

Chow for now XD

P.S: A free internet cookie is up for grabs for those whom get the pun XD

Posted by Jeromia - September 15th, 2012

My profile picture looks awesome now! :D

Also, I've just managed to submit some new stuff finally! :D

Only issue is, plenty more songs are in need of submitting. Sadly though, I want to do them on the piano and nothing else will be acceptable, as I want it to sound realistic and not synthetic (so I'll wait until I can finally record a piano for a change).

Anyways that's about it for this news-post :P

Posted by Jeromia - September 7th, 2012

Due to some ANNOYING circumstances (ie the instrument I want to play is unaccessable for recording due to several reasons) I could not record the stuff I wanted to D:<

Although this is piving me off, I shall press on and try next week, hopefully with some luck :D

UPDATE; 14/09/12: *Sigh* again I didn't manage to get to record on the piano. Oh well, I'll just have to record synthetic sounds from my keyboard and, whilst crying like a baby, deal with it :"(

Posted by Jeromia - August 28th, 2012

HeheheMOAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! *cough cough*


Planning some stuff on halloween... also... I MADE AN AWESOMELY SPOOKY SONG FOR HALOWEEN! *insert evil face*... but must... NOT... FORGET IT!!! D:<

More shall be reviled... in October!

*screeching of bats as Jeromia flies away*

P.S: Several hints in there :P

OMG NG! :D :D :D :D :D

Posted by Jeromia - August 22nd, 2012

Ah yes, it's time to be evil for a change!

I have decided to change my mind (again!), instead of posting up only stuff that I compose, I'm now going to include any song that I can play and that sounds good (cos why not... right? D:<).

As I promised before, (but then "un-promised" and now "re-promising") I am going to post up Over the Hills and Far Away at some point in the near future (probably next week) I am also going to post up a song that I called "Ragtime Fun".

Anyways, expect a large amount of stuff coming in (or what I see as large :X)... cos I'll be posting:
Minimum: 2 audio submissions!
Maximum: 5 audio submissions! or more! (but not making any promises >:3)

In any case, if I do go over the 5 audio submissions minimum, expect this reaction from me:

A Changing of the Minds! (much edits :P)

Posted by Jeromia - August 5th, 2012

Well some of everything is up (I changed my mind btw I'm only going to put up stuff that's mine on NG) so yey...

I have some other stuff on the "Is going to be" list that's coming up... here it is:

Music (class) Project
Yes, I'm going to be posting a song that I'm composing in music class... depends on how good it is I MIGHT change my mind... however that isn't the exciting part

ITN (computer class if you don't know) Project
In this project, we are to make a game... blah blah blah and in short I'll be either
A) Making my own theme to it
B) Be boring and download someone else's epic theme

In any case, if I do make something for the game, I'll post it up on newgrounds (THE SONG... not the game)... I hope it'll be good :D ... But no guarantees :P

And yes, I'm going to be busy, so here's something cute to keep anybody unfortunate enough to click my name occupied XD

Well... um yey?