Remeber that stuff for Halloween that I promised?

2012-10-29 08:25:12 by Jeromia

It ain't going to happen. I'm too damn self-conscious about it and to top it off I'm in a really stressed out and fucked up mood (thanks to the crappiness of my life). So oh well.

Now, thankfully there's some good news in this time of crappiness. I am now working on grade 5 pieces, which basically means that I've literally leveled up my playing skills again (yey). I'm getting better and better, so that's good at the least.

Also, since I doubt I'll ever have a real chance to ever record on an actual piano so I'm going to put up some covers of the grade 4 pieces I've being practicing via my keyboard. That's the plan anyways :\

On the other upside, I'm also getting better at playing trombone and trumpet (yey?)

And with that, I'll leave you the reason why my transition from kitty face ( :3 ) to crappy face occurred through an entertaining picture that I quickly googled up! >:D

Remeber that stuff for Halloween that I promised?


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2013-01-11 18:19:32

LOL! That's a really funny quote!